Vehicle Showcase

Check out some of our latest builds.


2014 C7 Corvette “Bipolar”

Holding the world record C7 Standing Mile and Half Mile at 238.4 mph and 193.4 mph respectively, this car has been built with speed in mind from the very beginning.  Sporting a twin turbo setup, direct port nitrous, and a myriad of other modifications, this C7 stands head and shoulders above the rest.  Don’t let the outright performance figures fool you, this is not a stripped out racecar.  This still has full interior, climate control seats, HVAC, stereo, satnav and all the other creature comforts that came with it the day it rolled off the showroom floor.  Stay tuned as we are making changes for the 2018 season!

2014 WK2 SRT8 “Hellhound”

Currently the world’s fastest 8-speed WK2 Jeep and on the prowl to be the outright fastest.  This is a full interior Grand Cherokee and daily driven by the customer.  A big single turbo and direct port nitrous feeding a Total Engine Service 426 Stroker  gives this beast over 1000 all wheel horsepower on tap.  This is built to dominate both the show circuit and the track, all while hauling the family in comfort to and from the events in speed and style!

2006 GMC Denali “The KRakken”

This is another no compromise build.  From the frame to the floor mats, nothing about this truck has been left alone.  It has full leather interior, stereo, HVAC, safety equipment and all controlled by an AEM Infinity ECU.  With a big single turbo, direct port nitrous force feeding a Total Engine Service built 390 LSx, this Denali can haul the mail while hauling the family!

2008 Z06 Corvette “Nattrous”

“NaTTrous” is a build that is currently underway.  This is geared mainly towards 1/2 mile racing and air strip attack events.  With a Total Engine Service built LSx, Frankenstein Banshee heads and twin turbos, the owner plans to enter this in the 6-speed class.  AEM Infinity ECU is our brain trust of choice for this powerhouse, and it will allow us to dial in the power more readily for varying track conditions.

1994 Mustang Cobra “EL SN95”

“El SN95” is an LS swapped Cobra, the perfect combination of a great drag chassis paired with an even better engine!  Sporting a big single turbo, TH400, AEM Infinity ECU and a stock bottom end small cube LSx.

Stay tuned for more progress!

2017 jeep RUBICON

This showroom fresh Rubicon came in for a list of upgrades, including a Magnuson TVS 1320 supercharger, 4.56 gears, Magnaflow catback, CAI, and a lift kit.  This is another 300 WHEEL horsepower Jeep that is a blast betwen stoplights, or off the beaten path when you decide to take the road less traveled.

All because “Life is too short for stock horsepower!”

LSX Powered 1969 Camaro

This fully involved build is using a Whipple supercharger on top LSX376-B15 all through a 6-speed manual transmission.  Using a Holley Dominator EFI standalone, this Camaro is an easy to own, operate, and maintain street cruiser that you can just jump in and go.  Pairing the mild cubes wth the supercharger means torque is readily on tap, ready to fry the R888’s.  Read more…

2013 ZL1 Camaro “EVUL ONE”

Built to dominate at the show circuit and confidently perform on the streets, this Camaro is a constantly evolving build.  The previous rendition sported a maxed out LSA blower, the owner wanted more.  We modified an LS3 specific Hellion Twin Turbo system for this car along with other supporting mods to help the stock bottom end LSA survive the modest 12 lbs of boost on E85 to the tune of 852 whp and 862 ft/lbs of torque.

2015 Charger RT “Bad Scat”

This mad Mopar sports a 426 hemi built by Total Engine Service.  This build would be incomplete without a 2.9L Whipple crushing the air into submission with a healthy mixture of E85 to boot.  This turnkey bruiser puts out a wild 830 whp and 805 ft/lbs of torque.

2011 C6 Corvette Grand Sport

This immaculate Grand Sport received an ECS Novi 1500 supercharger, fuel system and Mantic clutch package.  We didn’t want to push the stock bottom end too far, especially on just pump gas, so we dialed it back for more reliability.  Even after running the restrictor, this cruise missile put down a ground pounding 700 whp and 660 ft/lbs of torque!

2013 jeep wrangler

A stock Jeep is a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless.  This Wrangler’s Pentastar 3.6L V6 was in dire need of more motivation after some suspension upgrades and larger wheel and tire package.  We installed a Magnuson TVS 1320 supercharger with 4.56 gears front and rear to help move things along.  Coupled with that, to add a little more stopping power and holding capacity on inclines, we installed a Wilwood big brake upgrade.