“ELSN95” joins the 1000whp club!

Performing an LS swap on a vehicle that isn’t from the GM stable can rustle some jimmies. When it involves a clean SN95 Mustang, you can consider those jimmies thoroughly rustled! “El SN95” most certainly isn’t subtle about what it’s packing and draws a lot of
criticism from the Ford fanbase.

The build for “El SN95” first started off with a stock bottom end 5.3 with a Bullseye 83mm turbocharger, E85 and an AEM Infinity engine management system. This setup still retained good drivability and almost pass as a street car if it weren’t for the bumper exit exhaust, and the drag wing w/ parachute out back. Cracking off 811 whp and 700 ft/lbs of torque on 20lbs of boost, it most certainly has the power to back up the hard work put into it. The owner had this car running mid 9’s in the 1/4 mile the first time out and was still getting faster.

The second phase of this build involves a built aluminum block 5.3 with forged internals and a custom “Shoafinator” turbo grind camshaft, and to handle the higher demand of power, we installed a thicker core Treadstone intercooler. Because this car takes part in a mixture of fully prepped track events, no-prep and street, the AEM infinity is handling the power delivery with a traction control update, and a Smooth Stage “bump box” to help get the car lined up for the race while keeping the suspension from getting upset prior to launch. Moving up to 25lbs of boost, the car put out a solid 1008 whp and 892 ft/lbs of torque. We are still awaiting track times.

Keep your eyes peeled for improvements to this build as time progresses. The most recent dyno figures will be outdated once it gets a bigger set of injectors as the 1600cc ones from Fuel Injector Development weren’t big enough! How much more this car will make is entirely up to how far the owner wants to punish it!

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