C7 Smashes mile record and retakes 1/2 mile!

Final results from the 2017 Colorado Mile!
We have reset the C7 standing mile and 1/2 mile record.
We currently have the fastest Corvette to ever go down the Colorado mile and the fastest 6L80e…in the world.

After sorting through 160 GB of film, we got some pretty good shots of the whole run!

Built and tuned by TES Performance
Total Engine Service
Circle D Transmission & Circle D Specialties
Transmission tuned by Steve
Brisk USA Spark Plugs
Nitrous Outlet
Hoosier Racing Tire
Terron Summers Discount Tire
Stroud Safety
Chicken Hawk Racing Tire Warmers
AEM Performance Electronics
NLR Motorsport Electronics
VP Racing Fuels
HP Tuners
Driveshaft Shop
LG Motorsports
NARA Speed
Mechman Alternators
Granatelli Motor Sports
Johnson Lifters
Precision Turbo & Engine
Hooker Headers
Ace Race Parts
Redhorse Performance Inc.
Fore Innovations, LLC
Callies Performance Products
Wiseco Performance Products
Joe Gibbs Racing oil
The Colorado Mile 2017 / The U.S. Mile
**Our record claims are to the best of our knowledge from verified records posted publicly.**

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